It’s all about the slate

Carrying on with my journey of taking photographs of objects and nature rather than just people I have recently taken a few of some purple slate. I like how the slate looks with its sharp edges and also because of the time of year there are some leaves mixed in with the slate. I went for a plum coloured slate just to see what the effects would be, I think I might also have a look at photographing the slate again when it has been raining as I think the colour maybe more bold and the shine of the rain will really add to the images. Again it was really easy to do with my trusty 50 mil and some photo editing. I have done minimal editing on the images as I liked the image straight from the camera which is quite rare for me! I don’t know if I like it as much as the conkers  because as you know I am a conker fan but I do like the images that have been created!

Like before I have done 3 versions of the image, one with a minimal sharpen, one with a stronger hdr and black and white and the third with a black and white frame and a very high hdr filter just to see what the final effects are. I like how the hdr pulls out the edges of the slate. If it carries on going like this I think I will be filling my house with photos of nature rather than the kids!!

Here are the images below that I have created for this blog.

01 02 03