Photo Editing

Photoshop Image Editing & Post Production

Typically £1.00 – £5.00 per image based on complexity

With Modern photography images often require post production work, commonly called Photoshopping. Have a favourite photograph that needs work ? Need an object removing from a photograph ? Let us do the post production work.  Subject to copyright we can also edit and professionally print the image for as little as £6.00.

We can offer a full service from Scanning, To Photographic repair to printing.  Or we can offer a digital only solution tailored to your individual needs.

Colour Correction & Basic Toning

Let us colour correction and tone your images from only £1.00 per image. Or Colour corrected and professionally printed at 6x4inch only £6.00


Image Specification : Samsung S6, F1.9, Shutter 1/782, ISO 40, No Flash

Object Removal

Notice the tree branch to the left of the image & see how it is edited out.