The 3 Day Diary of a Coke Addict

Day 1: 11 cans of diet coke consummed

In this blog I am going to explore my addiction to a well known soft drink consumed by millions each day.. that’s right I am addicted to Diet Coke!! I’m not a fan of tea or coffee or any other soft drink they just don’t do it for me. What I really love is Diet Coke especially from a can. I find that if I have a bottle of it, it goes flat and nasty on the 2nd day and if you leave it to a 3rd day blimey it becomes undrinkable. I don’t know where my love of this sweet nector came from.. it may have something to do with my ongoing battle with my shape but that is a whole other blog! Either way it is something that I have come to love and I hate to sound like a weirdo but its the only thing that quencies my thirst!

I don’t remember when I first started to drink diet coke but I feel like I have been drinking it for years. I have dabbled with other soft drinks in the past but have always come back to diet coke. Now I’m sure all medical/diet people are repelling what I am saying but what is wrong with just liking a soft drink.. I’m not killing anyone, I’m not forcing my views on anyone else I am just talking about what I like to drink! Yes I know that there is bad stuff in it but isn’t there bad stuff in most things? And aren’t we here to enjoy life? My way to enjoy life is to have a plentiful supply of diet coke in my kitchen and also in my car for when I am out and about.

I don’t waste cans, if I open one in a evening before I go to bed and don’t finish it the it goes in the fridge for the next morning (the same applies for cans as it does bottles, its not as nice as it was the first day but the fact that is freezing cold helps with this) you may ask why I decided to do this blog well I just wanted to see how much I actually drunk rather than just throwing the cans in the recycle bin. I have decided to do this blog for 3 days just as a little insite to how much I drink and what circumstances change how I drink it too.

So today I have drunk 11 cans of diet coke, which doesn’t seem that much to what I normally feel I consume. I have been at work in the office with a steady supply of my favourite drink and then when I returned home it was more about the children rather than drinking pop. Does this mean that I am someone who just drinks diet coke for the hell of it when I am not focussing on what I am doing? Or does it mean that I don’t have as much time to grab a can when I have the children? I don’t know and this is what I’m hoping that I find out!

Bring on day 2 and 3

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