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300px-School-markingThe School Run

Time 8.15am

Children present: The 9 year old and the 3 year old

The great British weather was very windy and sunny with a threatening black cloud in the sky.. ( rain is always a must on the school run)

Managed to get the children to the car without any problems (water bottles.. check.. school bags.. check matching pair of shoes.. check..) until disaster strikes when the 9 year old deposits the nugget of information that it is non uniform day (I did know this but in my early morning fog had forgotten this important piece of information).. panic follows as I rush into the house and grab the first pair of trousers and t shirt that I can find in the clean washing mountain, throw them in the car and set off.

The 9 year old isn’t happy with this situation as it means that he will have to get changed at school if he wants to wear said clothes which he isn’t happy to do (the 9 year old likes to cut his own nose off to spite his face at times!) The 3 year old complains about the sun in the wing mirror shining in his face, what follows is a mixture of whining and anger that I can’t stop the sun shining in the wing mirror. (The 9 year old is still complaining about not being in non uniform and that its not fair and that EVERYONE will be in non uniform and he will be the ONLY one that isn’t)

Time 8.25am

Children present: The 9 year old and the 3 year old

Managed to get a parking space close to school (this is somewhat a miracle) jump out of the car when the 3 year old asking where his chocolate cake is.. I start to wonder where is his chocolate cake? I have 2 conclusions 1, it has been left on the car roof and then has been lost in the race to the school gates via taking a bend to swiftly or 2 I didn’t actually put it in the car in the first place!

Either way the end result is 2 children in school at the designated time with clean faces and water bottles oh and the threatening black cloud DIDN’T blast us with rain ( I consider this as a huge bonus). For a Monday morning I think its a good day! *Note While I am writing this I have realised that I haven’t put a snack in the 9 year old’s bag mum fail number 10,556 and rising..