The washing up day 3

Today is Wednesday and again there is washing up from the night before even though when I was making tea I was also doing the washing up! It just grows over night and is never just done! I think it might be to do with the time of day that it is done as after the washing up has been done there is another round of teas, suppers and snacks! Really it needs doing when the food has finsihed so around 11pm! Yes I said 11pm! (thats when my husband and I normally get to have our evening meal!)

The washing up consists of big pans that were used for spagetti bolgnase, pasta and garlic bread (which use bowls to be served in) also there are some bowls from the children’s suppers and teas. There are various glasses and cups from the evening too already for washing up. As always my trusty yellow gloves are on standby and if Im honest I think we need a new scourer as that one is looking a bit done! You may also notice that there is a lovely bit of water left in the bowl I will have to get rid of that as it does my head in! Also you can see floating in the orange bubbly water a cup that is from my sons to my husband really cute that cup (nice idea for christmas presents!) Hopefully today it will all be done and I might get another opportunity to do another load of washing up before collapsing into my bed this evening but I dont hold out much hope as there is a supermarket shop to do today and also some work but you never know wonders never cease!

Thats it for now as I am about to run off for the school run and to do various little tasks that need doing (library, hoover fixing and post office!)

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