The washing up day 4

This is the 4th day of the washing up blog and I can say that I still haven’t managed to get the washing up completely finished or should I say my daughter hasn’t!!

Todays washing up includes the tea from last night which was a well known supermarkets own pizzas with chips for my husband and just pizza for me! With the usual cups, glasses and supper items it has turned into another washing up pile. As always my yellow gloves are there ready for use and the supermarket own brand washing up liquid is there too. I have had reports from my daughter that this brand of washing up liquid leaves a slight residue on the dishes that smells like lemons and it takes extra washing to get it off. So I possibly won’t be buying this brand of liquid again.

At the supermarket run I got some more scourers nothing posh but should do the job well for the next few weeks as you get quite a few in a pack but no any washing up liquid as we still have got quite a lot left. I find that we normally buy 1 to 2 a month depending on the washing up that we have. If there are particularly challenging washing up items then we may use more it just all depends on what has been cooked that month! I normally find things like sausages rolls really like to stick to the trays so it takes a couple of washes and soakes to get that sucker off there!

Tomorrow I’m sure there will still be more washing up to be but for now I will leave you with my washing up images!

20171012_095839 20171012_095843 20171012_095848