After Your Wedding

What next?

Firstly congratulations on getting married, I hope you had a great day.  This guide is just to explain to people what happens after the wedding.

My wedding has been Photographed but I haven’t seen the pictures yet

It takes roughly 10-20 working days for your wedding photographs to be ready in normal circumstances (Although this can be pushed back a little in extraordinary situations), so I always ask couples to give me a call 3 weeks after the wedding and I can give you up update on the photographs. They may already be ready, or they may be coming online shortly.  Either way I can give you an update.
If the photographs are already finished you’ll be directed to a web gallery (The web galleries can be found HERE.)  Once you’ve found your gallery, I ask that you login using the password provided and check over the work to ensure its been  completed to a satisfactory standard.  This gives you the chance to check everything so if anything needs amending or removing I can do it for you. Once you’ve checked the work has been completed to a satisfactory standard then just drop me a text / email / message and I’ll open the gallery up to family and friends and remove the watermarks for you. Galleries will remain online for 6 months and can be accessed by family and friends if you give them your password.
Unless specified on your booking form, sneak peaks may be posted to social media.  Sneak peaks are something I like to do, however they are dependent on my work flow and also your venue.  For example certain venues such as Yorkshire Sculpture park prohibit this. National trust also places terms on usage which may not make it possible in certain situations and many other venues also issue terms to photographers).  If you have an issue with sneak speaks appearing on social media, just put on it on your booking form so I know.

How do I get my images ?

Digital images are provided via a downloadable gallery and can be downloaded to numerous devices. If in the lead up to your wedding you have requested a USB this will be provided in lieu of a downloadable gallery. Once a downloadable gallery has been completed it’s not possible to change to USB without additional expense.
If you’ve chosen the digital download option then within 24 hours of you checking the work the gallery will switch to download enabled. This allows you, or anyone with the password to login and download either a single image, or all of the images in the gallery.  The gallery has unlimited downloads and I strongly suggest you download the entire gallery to multiple locations in case anything ever happens.

I want to purchase a Storybook. What do I do now ?

If If you are wanting a storybook the process is quite simple, firstly let me know the images that you would like in the album. This can be done by writing down the codes from the gallery (for example A100, A200, A299 etc) and then emailing them to me or you can favourite them in the gallery and send the list to me when are you finshed.  I’ll always reply to album choices just to let you know I’ve got them and that they are in my queue. Once I have confirmed your album choices the payment for the album is due, this can be done online or over the telephone.

Any Questions ?

If you’ve any questions about any of this then please don’t hesitate to contact me, you can use the contact form to send me a message, or you can call / text me.
All the Best