2nd Shooter Hire – From £150.00

Need assistance at a Wedding ? Need assistance on an important shoot ? Need advice or a 2nd opinion on the day ? I can help. Before we go on, I’ll introduce myself. My name is Fiona, I am a photographer from West Yorkshire. I am in my thirties, have my own transportation and am a friendly person. For 2nd shooter work I offer flat fees, a relaxed attitude and over 12 years of demonstrable experience in studio, wedding, stock and commercial photography. I am a safe pair of hands.  I am qualified as Associate (ASWPP) by the SWPP in wedding photography, I only believe in quality equipment which is demonstrated by being registered as NPU (Nikon Professional User), and am confident and knowledgable in wedding photography, portrait photography and photobooth assembly, setup and operations.

If your reading this, you obviously understand photography and want details, this is always a big one for me. Although good equipment doesn’t make a good photographer, good equipment enables someone who understands photography to do more, be more efficient and produce shots not otherwise possible. Its the harsh reality that a Canon 5d mark 3 allows the photographer to achieve more than a Canon 600D. Or a Nikon D810 over a Nikon D3300.

My equipment compromises of Nikon. I typically run with a combination of D4S & D800 or D810 & D750 and a multitude of prime & zoom lenses. For weddings my usual equipment is D800/810/750 with Nikkor F2.8 70-200 VR2 & Nikkor 24-70 F2.8 all yearly serviced and maintained. For weddings I usually have 2 cameras in operation. (24/70 on one, 70/200 on the other for quick reaction). Although I have a range of prime lenses which I am happy to use.


Prices and Options

Again I am going to work on the assumption you understand photography post production and are happy to deal with the client in the run up to the event and deal with the post production work afterwards. So the prices are based simply for on the day shooting, and on the day RAW transfer. I will supply my own equipment, I can supply my own travel, I have full insurance and will provide a receipt on the day for tax purposes.

Part Day – Up to 4 Hours Shooting plus 1 hour allocated for travel (5 hours in total) £150

Full Day – Up to 9 Hours Shooting Plus 1 hour allocated for travel (10 Hours in Total) £199

The above prices are for 2nd shooter work, if your uncomfortable acting as the lead photographer I am more than happy to assist in this, although additional fees will be included as I would have to contact the client and discuss requirements directly with them. I will not act as main photographer where I have not had prior contact with the client.

I’ve run hundreds of weddings as the main photographer, assisted as the 2nd shooter at hundreds of weddings as well. Photographed hundreds of portrait shoots & events during my business life.  With weddings I give the wedding my all for the period I am required. I am energetic and enthusiastic. If I need to lay down to get a shot I will, If I need to climb in a bush I will!


Terms & Conditions

I am a professional, your a professional and as such I feel its important to highlight where I stand on several key issues. If you’ve any other terms and conditions I am more than happy to discuss these.

  • I will not disclose my company name / company details unless agreed otherwise. You will not disclose my company name or details without prior consent. As far as clients are aware I am operating solely under your company name.
  • Copyright – I keep copyright of all the work I photograph unless agreed otherwise. For the purposes of the client/assignment you are permitted to use / edit / sell / modify /upload any of the images that I take. After which period the copyright reverts back to myself. You have full permission to use them/supply them to the client but no other use. Ie you can’t print them for your office, use them on your promotional material etc.
  • Image editing / RAW processing is solely down to you unless agreed in writing to the contrary. I will supply the images in RAW, how they are produced is up to you.
  • Payment must be made in full prior to the time you require my services to avoid cancelling on the day. Prior to payment agreed start & finish times will be discussed. If I haven’t worked with you previously I reserve the right to ask for payment in full at an earlier point in time. If we’ve worked together previously without issue I am more relaxed about payment.
  • Any issues post event relating to the client are not my concern and I am acting strictly as an employee for your company. If the client has issues, your company must address these issues directly and without my involvement. As I will have no prior contact with the client, I will be briefed by yourself and follow your brief, albeit with artistic discretion.