Want to Learn Wedding Photography ?

Do you want to learn wedding photography ? Fancy a change of direction in life ? Interested in photography and want to take it to the next level ? Finished University and looking to build a portfolio ? Wanting to get a photography based qualification ? I can help with all of these.

No Models / No Mock Wedding – All Real Life experiences
Planning and Preparation Talk – Prior to a real wedding
Detailed Feedback – Where you went right, Where you went wrong
Action Plan for the Future  – Plan on how to continue improving after the package ends

Intro Into Wedding Photography – Only £299

Starting with a 1 to 1 Session morning or evening session in the office where firstly we’ll look at camera skills and settings and plan for a real life wedding, looking at ideas, poses, techniques and styles as well as discussing different ideas and approaches.  Once everything is planned we’ll photograph a real life wedding where you can put into practise some of the camera skills and ideas we’ve discussed.  Meaning everything will be live and real.

After the wedding I offer a 1 to 1 morning or evening session in the office where you’ll receive detailed feedback looking about where you went right, where you went wrong. What you can do to improve these and aiming to start building a quality portfolio.

Developing Wedding Photography – Only £799

Over the course of 3 real life weddings, we’ll look at camera skills and settings. Areas we’ll speak about are planning for a real life wedding, equipment, running order and much more. After each real wedding you’ll get feedback on your photographs. We’ll be focusing on camera skills in a practical settings and then leading onto photograph ideas, poses, techniques and styles as well as discussing different ideas and approaches.

We’ll then repeat this process another 2 times, allowing you to build your confidence, improve your skills and develop your style as a photographer.

In-depth Training – Only £1500

Over the course of a season, we’ll have numerous sessions discussing photography, building your skill set, trying new ideas. thinking of new ideas and doing wedding research. Followed by 6 weddings. Feedback and mentoring will be provided after each wedding initially, paving the way for you to become more independent and learn to self evaluate your own work.

Mentoring and advice is provided for a full season and I aim to have you recognised as a fully qualified photographer by the SWPP before the end of our time together.

My training course has been designed from the ground up to make it unlike other training courses, I work on a 1 to 1 basis and the training covers both practical and classroom based learning as well as feedback on the work provided.  Over the course of the training, we’ll look at : Camera Skills, Framing, Lighting and Exposure, Adobe Lightroom & Photoshop as well as putting these skills into practise at real weddings with real Bride & Grooms.


We’ll also discuss ideas for photographs, create a plan for wedding photography and then photograph the wedding. After the wedding feedback will be provided and we’ll look at what went right and what went wrong through detailed feedback allowing you to create a workable portfolio of real life work.

My training courses are a mixture of practical and classroom with lots of feedback along the way and is geared towards getting you recognised by a Wedding Photography trade association such as the SWPP.

Learn the Basics


Learn to take simple but beautiful photographs quickly, easily and with confidence before venturing into artistic or technical shots. Maybe you want to be a traditional photographer ? maybe you want to be contemporary, maybe artistic or modern ? you need a firm grip of the basics first.

As an experienced photographer, I’ve seen many photographers who as artistic as they are, never learnt the basics first and wound up in trouble.  Basic posing, basic framing and composition should be something every photographer learns first. Working on real life weddings will give you the skills you need to work with wedding couples and their guests.