Content Creation and Videography Hybrid
Introductory 2024 Price – £299

This is taking the best bits and fusing them into a unique mixture. The day starts with content creation whilst getting ready, then moves into videography for the ceremony, it then moves back to content creation for the bits in between allowing you to see more unscripted moments as the day unfolds. When it’s time for the speeches it’s videography, after the speeches it seamlessly moves to content creation giving you more insight into the moments before your first dance where videography starts again.

Videography is provided in either HD or 4K, content creation is provided using modern technology. This is the best of both worlds. Instead of content creation or videography this package allows you to have both in a fantastic fusion of both.

What’s Included

  • Professional Videography providing  full ceremony, speeches and first dance in either HD or 4K using professional video equipment
    • The rest of the day captured via content creation providing you with short clips and photos in a creative way to use as you wish
    • It’s taking the best bits of videography and combining it with the flexibility of content creation in one hybrid package
    • The unedited content creator footage is available 24hrs later. All files are made available to you digitally
    • A teaser reel on social media within 48hrs after your wedding to share with your friends and family
    • Another reel showing more of your day, set to music within 7 days of your wedding


      This is an introductory price. Terms and conditions apply. Contact me for more information