Smaller Weddings and Pricing

I have had a few enquiries just recently where I have been asked if I can do the wedding photography packages any cheaper as there are only 15 or 30 guests at the wedding, unfortunately my answer to this has to be no.

The reason for this is that a wedding with say 30 guests requires exactly the same amount of time spent planning, same amount of time on the day, same amount of time in post product, same amount of equipment and usually produces the same amount of photographs. Smaller weddings often have more group shots as the guests that are there are often very close family / friends and important to the happy couple. Even if you have a small number of guests I cover exactly the same events for every wedding to the exact same standard and style and the same amount of time as I would a bigger wedding.

The equipment I bring to Silver / Gold weddings. With Platinum packages its obviously a lot more because you have 2 photographers.

The processing of the photographs after the wedding is the same too, I edit the photographs in the same way and to the same standard that I show on my website and social media nothing is different because you have less guests. I don’t do anything differently at all.

You receive the images in colour, black and white and two vintage tones as standard.

I always treat every wedding the same in terms of commitment, style, post production and care. I will always give you the high standard of work that you would expect to see from what I show on my blog whether you have a big wedding or a small wedding. I really care about every wedding that I photograph and I always work to the highest standard that I can. I bring my years of experience with me to your wedding day, the skills that I have built up over the years and my ability to create beautiful wedding photographs for you, this doesn’t change no matter how many guests you have.

If you would like to know more about the wedding photography packages that I have to offer you can visit my website


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