When it comes to your wedding photography if you like to be prepared and know what to expect here are a few ideas of what you can do and expect to make sure you get the best out of your wedding photography and also what you can have ready for when I arrive with you if you are having bridal preparations!!


Before the Wedding.

Before the wedding we will have a finer details meeting to plan for your wedding day, for this if you could have the timings that your venue has given you that would be great as then we know what time we have to do your wedding photos in and also any other details that they have given you that I might need to know!

Bridal Preparations

If you are having the Platinum or Gold package (preps to speeches) I will be coming to see you at your bridal preparations and I would like to take some photos of the bits and pieces that you are wearing on the day! For example your perfume, any jewelry, your dress, shoes, flowers and any other accessories that you might be having with you. So it’s a good idea to get all those bits together so that when I get there you can just point me in the direction of them and off I go and you can get back to what you are doing at that time!

The Family Group Wedding Photographs

The family group wedding photographs, if you would like to have some family group wedding photographs then make a list! I recommend up to a maximum of 10 but if you would like more that’s fine too but they can take a little while to complete and your face might start to hurt!

Bride and Groom Wedding Photography

The happy couple wedding photography! This part of the day is all about getting some beautiful photographs of the two of you on your special day. In my humble opinion if you would like to have a great selection of images the more time you can give to it the better, however I know that this isn’t always what couples like to do and that is completely fine too so I am happy to work with the time we have. If you have lots of ideas for your wedding photography it’s always worth factoring that in when you are planning the timings of your wedding day. If you are not very confident in front of the camera there is always the option of booking a pre wedding shoot with me first so that you can get an idea of what to expect and how I work with you both on the day. You can find details of the pre wedding shoot here: https://fsimaging.wpengine.com/preweddingshoot

Special Wedding Photography Requests

If there are any special photographs that you would like, for example at Winter weddings there can be the opportunity to have sparklers, then just let me know and I will always try my best to include them in your wedding photography.

A Bit More Information

The biggest thing you can do on the day is try to relax and put yourselves in my very skilled hands! Your wedding photography is completely catered to what you would like to do. If you prefer natural moment based photography that’s not a problem, if you want to have loads of photos of the two of you that’s never a problem either just let me know.

If you do have any questions about anything just ask and I will be more than happy to answer them!

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