Dating Apps The Top 6

The Top 6 rated Dating Websites and Apps.

In this blog I am going to have a look at the top 6 dating websites and apps that have been chosen by some dating experts! The top 6 dating websites and apps are:

  • Zoosk
  • Elite Singles
  • Match
  • Eharmony
  • Our Times 50+
  • Silver Singles 50+

I have decided to try the top four dating websites to see what they are like and also if they are easy to use! I think dating websites should be uncomplicated to make it easier for people to find potential matches! I made a profile on each of the top 4 dating websites to see which one in my opinion is easiest to use!

Zoosk Dating Website

The first one I tried was Zoosk, this was at the top of the list as the top rated dating app and website so I thought this would be a great place to start! The first thing I noticed is that it is very easy to make a profile and also very quick, you don’t have to upload a photo of yourself straight away and you can get started with quite a basic profile and then add to it when you are ready. The profile I made was for the free content of the Zoosk website but there are other options where you can pay to have more features. On some of the dating websites you had to pay to even see clear photos of possible matches which isn’t great really as you would really need to subscribe to get the best out of the app.

I also noticed that Zoosk doesn’t ask you lots of questions about your likes and dislikes or what you think about certain situations. This could be as it is a free website to start with or it could be that they want you to get to know someone for yourself rather than going on your answers to show you potential matches. Some websites and apps only show you what matches there are based on your answers to questions, Zoosk seems to give you a bit more free reign as to what you are looking for.

I had a quick look at what features there are available on Zoosk for people to talk to each other and there seems to be a good selection!

Features available for talking to other Zoosk users:

  • Text messages can easily be sent to each other.
  • Live chat feature so you can talk to new people instantly.
  • Video chat is available.

As you can see there are quite a few ways that you can interact with potential partners and the website itself is very easy to use!

Elite Singles Dating Website

The next one I tried was Elite Singles, this was second on the list of the top dating websites and apps and it had some good reviews. I kept in mind the experience I had with Zoosk and did compare the two a little bit. The very first thing I noticed about the Elite Singles website is that there are so many click boxes and questions to answer, this was a very indepth questionnaire that took quite a while to complete. Also with the questions the answers were quite none specific so more like a rating system of how much you agreed with a statement!

After I had spent quite a long time clicking the boxes, you then had to verify your email address, finally I thought we were getting somewhere! From there you had to make your profile and add a profile photo. I had spent so long clicking boxes, waiting for the verification email to come through and then doing the profile that it had to be time to be able to see what people there were on the Elite Singles website but no, I was taken to a payment screen where you had to pay to use the website. I had seen online that there are free features that you can use but I couldn’t see the option for that on the screen So I wasn’t able to see what the website is like or how easy it is to use!

Match Dating Website

The third dating website on the list was Match, this dating website was very easy to use, making an account was easy, the questions were also quick and easy to get your profile started. Match also has a feature where you can see what similarities you have with the people in your area and also further afield which was quite interesting to see. You have a shuffle option where Match provides you with a selection of profiles that you may want to view. You can also add profiles of people that you might want to talk to in your favorites so it felt a bit a like a shop! You can subscribe to Match if you wanted to but the free content is quite extensive so you might not need to!

Like with Zoosk I had a quick look at the features that are available for you to use to talk with other Match users, here they are:

  • You can email other people with an internal email system.
  • A live chat is available so that you can chat with online members.
  • There is also a video chat feature present too.

From the dating websites that I have looked at and tested Match seems to have the most free content and also has the most indepth information and features that you can use for free.

Eharmony Dating Website

The final dating website I tried out was Eharmony, when you first go onto the website to start a dating profile you are informed that the questionnaire or compatibility test can take up to 20 minutes to complete so it is a very indepth process if you want to use Eharmony. It does ask very random questions at times, for example ‘do you sleep with the window open’ so be prepared for some strange questions. Once you have sat thinking about these questions for at least 20 minutes you are taken through to the all the profiles however all the photos of the other users are blurred so you only see a bit of information about that person. To unblur the photos you have to pay, which I do think is a bit rubbish. Eharmony offer  payment plans of 6 months, 12 months or 24 months so you are kind of tied into the subscription for a while. In terms of use of the website I didn’t see much point in going any further as you have to pay to be able to do things.

What I thought overall

After going through all the dating websites, I have to say that the best dating websites for me are Zoosk and Match. Zoosk has lots of free features and so does Match which is quite appealing especially when the other websites are quite expensive and with one you are tied into a subscription for a few months at least. Everybody is different so maybe you might feel people are more serious about meeting someone on a paid dating website, I don’t know if they are or not but I would be more inclined to use a free website like Match if I was looking for a date!

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