A few little things to remember on your first date

Now in this next blog about Dating I am going to be having a look at what you shouldn’t do on a first date! I think a lot of these ideas are pretty obvious when you are on a first date but lets have a look anyway at what you shouldn’t do on a first date!

Number 1: Don’t be late

Personally I can’t stand to be late to anything especially a first date where you want to make a really good impression as you are meeting this person for the first time but I suppose things can happen and if you keep your date informed then it would be ok but not the best situation!

So if you’re looking to truly make a good impression on a first date, there are many different reasons why being on time for your date is the right choice. First, much like in your work life, being on time in your personal life shows others that you value your dates time and you are making your date a priority, while also showing that you are capable of making and keeping commitments which is a great thing to show your date!

Did you know that being on time is a quality that’s highly attractive in other people! I don’t know where that fact comes from but it’s a very interesting one!

Being on time can also help to lessen the stress that you might be feeling as it is first date after all! It also means that you won’t arrive at your first date all flustered, but arrive at your first date feeling calm and collected.

Number 2: Lying

I can’t believe that people lie on a first date but if you have lied on a first date then you are not alone! In a survey of 8000 men and women the survey showed that over 60% of men and women thought it was perfectly fine to lie on a first date. Nearly 40% of women revealed that they had lied about their age on a first date. Men are more likely to tell a lie about their income on a date but both men and women have lied about the jobs that they do! I am quite shocked by that! I don’t understand what you get from lying about what you do or how old you are as if that first date leads to more dates you will need to keep lying!

Apparently people who lie can be viewed as scheming manipulators who are looking to deceive others. Lying can also be seen as a symptom of having low self-esteem as well as a poor self-image, both of which aren’t appealing characteristics. Lying to your first date also shows that you might not be able to be trusted. After all, when you lie to someone, how can this person be sure that you’re not going to lie again to them in the future. I would always suggest to be honest on a first date as things always come out in the wash as they say!

Number 3: Not Listening

Listening is a massive thing for me as you need to stop and listen to really understand what the other person is saying or feeling and also when your date can see that you are really listening it shows that you are really interested in what they are saying which is a great thing for a first date! This is called active listening and by using active listening on your first date, you can engage with this person in a meaningful way, while also showing that you’re interested in what’s being said by your first date and that you aren’t going through a script already in your head. It’s not too surprising to find out that being a good listener is a quality that others find quite appealing and attractive, as it shows your first date that you’re highly interested in getting to know them in a more meaningful way

Number 4: Don’t forger your Manners!

If you’re looking to make a good first impression on your first date, you should remember your manners this doesn’t mean that you have to act in a way that’s over-the-top or proper formal, it just means that you should behave in a way that represents your best self. You can always show your slobby side a bit later on into your relationship haha!!

So if you use basic table manners this can make a great positive impact on your first date, and you should try to avoid talking with your mouth full, burping and swearing but of course this is all up to you and how you want to be with your first date. I personally love it when people say please and thank and I always make sure I do even when I am driving and this can also help your date to see your gracious side, as it shows that you are a respectful person.

I hope you have enjoyed having a little read about what to not to do on a first date, by no means am I an expert or anything like that I just had a think about what I would like to do on a first date to make a good impression, it’s like a job interview really but with hopefully a bit of romance thrown in! First dates and dating can seem a bit daunting, but if you have the right attitude and approach, hopefully your first date will have more potential to grow into a budding and blooming long-term relationship if that’s what you want it to do!

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